Sarah & Todd

Sarah and Todd

Thank you for choosing life! While we will never be able to understand what you are going through, we pray the Lord will guide you in whatever you decide. It has always been our desire to have several children. The Lord blessed us with a son. We tried for a long time to give him a brother or sister to share our love. After a miscarriage, we felt God was leading us to adopt. Sarah is a teacher. Todd is an accountant for a nonprofit. Together with our son Andrew, we have a very happy, loving family. Our family is very involved with church and learning about Jesus at home. We love to travel around the United States enjoying National Parks and baseball stadiums. We spend time outside hiking, playing at parks, and going to the zoo. At home we read books and play with our dogs, Shortstop and Slugger. Time with our families is very important to us. We have a lot of love to give and would be honored to raise your child to know Jesus as his/her Savior.