Jared & Heidi

Jared and Heidi

Hello! Thank you for taking time to learn a little about us. We can’t fully understand how difficult this time is for you, but considering adoption is truly courageous and a decision based on love for your child. We have always loved children and our dream is to be parents. After trying to conceive, we were thrilled to become pregnant, only to face the heartbreak of a miscarriage weeks before Mother’s Day. God has healed our hearts and opened them to adoption and we are praying He leads us to our future child. It is humbling to think that God may weave your story and our story together. We’ve been married 15 years and have a loving marriage. We share meals, chores and hobbies together and find joy in the ordinary – like dancing in the kitchen! Jared is a devoted husband and has a kind heart. He will be an awesome hands-on dad, making blanket forts and teaching a child to ride a bike. Heidi is outgoing and creative, sharing her artistic abilities with children – she will make a great mom – inspiring them to explore, learn and create. We are quickly loved by the children in our lives, as we are fun, have a natural curiosity for life, and take the time to listen and play with kids. Our dream is to have children of our own to guide, love and nurture to follow their dreams. We feel blessed to be surrounded by the love and support of our wonderful family, friends and caring church. Your child will be surrounded by these same people who will care for them and invest in their life. Both of our families value spending quality time together. We laugh, play games, travel, and enjoy being outside kayaking, skiing, biking, camping, swimming and getting our hands dirty gardening. We are eager to share these experiences with a son or daughter. Our home is filled with kindness, laughter, hope, joy and faith and your child will always know that your decision stemmed from courageous love. We will be forever grateful and blessed with the gift of parenthood. Thank you!